There are a number of different statuses you may see attached to an Emissary within the advisor review tool. Here’s what they mean, and what actions they open up.

Suggested: These Emissary advisors have been automatically selected for you based on account relevancy. 

Selected by The Emissary Team: These advisors were manually selected for you based on conversations with your Emissary Account/Client Engagement Manager, and their fit and availability have been validated. Depending on when the advisor was selected, you may or may not be able to start off an engagement on your own, but our servicing team can always do it for you. 

Emissary Reviewing Proposal: The Emissary you requested to engage with is now reviewing the engagement proposal. Advisors have 72 hrs to respond to the proposal before it expires. You are busy, and so are the advisors – so we try to get an engagement on the calendars quickly once you send the proposal. Your call date can be in the future. 

Engagement: There has been an engagement (you or a member of your team have scheduled or in the process of scheduling interactions with the Emissary advisor) that is either active, scheduled, or closed

Emissary Declined Proposal: The advisor was not able to participate in the engagement at this moment.

Proposal Expired: The advisor was not able to respond to the engagement proposal within the 72hour deadline.