If you don’t see a suitable advisor on your account, you can request one. The requests are sent directly to our Recruiting team. While we sometimes find a suitable advisor very quickly, please give us 6 weeks to work on your request. When we find a new advisor for your account, we’ll let you know by email!

If you are requesting an advisor on an account where our system already suggested some advisors for you, please also go through the suggested advisors and tell us whether you like them or not! It helps us find you better candidates.

Here’s how requesting an advisor works.

Click on the Request an Advisor link at the bottom of the candidate list

 A form will appear where you will enter in the information on the type of advisor you would like, and why you are looking for additional advisors.

Within the form, provide information that will help us find the right advisor for you. That information includes

  • The advisor titles you are looking for (required)
  • Additional context telling us why you are looking for an additional advisor
  • The geographic regions you want advisors to be familiar with
  • Areas of responsibility you would want your advisors to be able to speak to (required)

Submit the form once you are complete

Within 2-6 weeks, our team will work to provide an advisor for you*

As soon as we have found a new advisor for you for the account requested, you’ll receive an email notification

Click the link within the email which will take you to Emissary Exchange

Within the advisor review tool on the accounts page, find the relevant account and expand the list.

You’ll see the advisor as the top “Suggested Advisor”

There can only be one Request for Advisor submission at a time for each account. At this time you are unable to submit another request or alter your submission. If you have any questions or concerns. Please contact your client engagement manager

Support Contacts

If you need any technical assistance during the process, please reach out to us at support@emissary.io, or you can reach out to your Client Engagement Manager.