Our Technology

Connect and collaborate with the exclusive Emissary community on the world’s first sales intelligence network. With Emissary Exchange, you access critical inside insights on all of your accounts and advisor engagements in one centralized location.


Get the right Emissary for the right account at the right moment, every time.

at Scale


Receive a regular stream of precision-matched Emissaries from our network of over 6,000 senior-level IT and Marketing execs.


Instantly review in-depth details on Emissaries, including role, recency, seniority, budgets, reporting structure, and more.


Accept and reject matches, or ask qualification questions to make sure you have the right fit for a successful engagement.


Connect Emissary Exchange with your CRM to automatically receive updated account matches as you create new opportunities.

Crystal-Clear Communications


Efficiently manage your time with your Emissary, with easy-to-use tools for scheduling meetings.


Connect with your Emissary directly via email relays that allow you to see all of your engagement communications in one place.


Use our reliable conference call technology to record, transcribe, and synthesize pivotal insights from your discussions.

Seamless Engagement Management


View all of your engagements, engagement message history, credits remaining, distribution across your sellers and attachments shared.


Find conference line details and learn more about the Emissaries you’re working with.


Invite additional team members to participate in engagements.


Access critical inside insights on all your accounts and engagements, all in one centralized location.

Your Account
Intelligence HQ

Get Visibility

Easily access an ongoing record of all Emissary conversations, including recordings, transcriptions, notes and shared documents, to be referenced throughout your deal cycle.

Download and Share

Easily access transcripts, recordings, and notes from your engagements to share across your organization.


Add information about stakeholders, pain points, organizational structure, and share the information with internal stakeholders directly.

Powerful Program Management

Track Engagements

View usage metrics, manage account priorities and see how your team is progressing on an engagement-by-engagement basis.

Manage Your Program

Track the status of your overall Emissary program and monitor the progress each seller is making against their priority accounts.

Want to join the Emissary network?

Contact us for more information on working with an Emissary, becoming an Emissary, or a general inquiry.