The Advisor Review Tool and our new Advisor Request feature are here to give you an opportunity to view all potentially relevant advisors for your accounts, select the ones you like, and directly request advisors from our recruiting team on the accounts where you don’t see someone in our network who can help you. 

We hope these tools will help you find the right advisors faster and engage them when you are ready.

Advisor Review Tool

The Advisor Review Tool lets you see a list of all potential advisor matches on your accounts and review their profiles.  This guide will show you how to find it on your Emissary Dashboard. You can action these suggested advisors to line them up for future calls, tell us that we made a matching mistake (we promise to learn from it!), or request new advisors if you don’t see any good candidates.

Giving an advisor a thumbs-up tells our servicing team to reach out on your behalf. We’ll confirm that advisors are available and, if necessary, ask further qualification questions to determine fit. You’ll get to decide when to engage them, so don’t worry about liking too many advisors at once – we won’t overwhelm you with advisor calls! If an advisor looks like someone who could be part of your buying team – a coach, influencer, or decision-maker – give them a thumbs-up. This helps us build your advisor bench.

If an advisor is a poor fit, tell us by giving them a thumbs-down. Only our servicing team sees this – you will not hurt our Emissaries’ feelings! Knowing who is not a fit is as important to us as knowing who is – it helps us suggest better advisors to you in the future! 

If you are not sure whether an advisor could help you right now, you can leave them for later. We recommend being generous with your thumbs-up! It doesn’t commit you to working with that advisor, and we can always find out more about them on your behalf.

You can also hide from view anyone you see in your Advisor Review Tool (we suggest hiding the thumbs-down advisors), or unhide them later if you change your mind.

Here’s a detailed guide for performing these actions.

Advisor Review Tool will also show which advisors were already qualified and selected for you by the Emissary team, as well as advisors who are reviewing your engagement proposals and those you already talked to. This guide to advisor statuses will explain all the designations you might see and what they mean.

Request an Advisor

If you don’t see the kind of advisor you like, you can now let us know without leaving the platform! Just click on the “Request Advisor” link and tell our recruiting team directly what kind of Emissary you are looking for! They will start working on your request, and we’ll update you on the progress right in the view. Detailed instructions are here.

Engagement request feature

Once our servicing team has verified advisor fit and availability, you will be able to start an engagement with them through the Engagement Request feature. Engagement Request features let you reach out to an advisor directly with some account context and your timeframe. Once an advisor accepts your engagement proposal, you can schedule a call. Here are the detailed instructions for sending engagement requests.

We recommend reaching out to advisors quickly! Our best emissaries are in high demand and their availability can change.