MEDDPICC ® helps revenue teams uncover crucial information for qualifying opportunities and driving success in enterprise technology sales. But knowing the information you need is only half the battle. The hard part is uncovering the answers. That’s where Emissary’s human intelligence network offers an advantage. Sales teams can lean on Emissary Advisors to fuel MEDDPICC ®, helping them qualify key opportunities quickly, accurately, and thoroughly.



MEDDPICC is a qualification methodology that helps organizations qualify quality leads by detailing the information you need to know, tasks you need to do, and relationships you need to nurture. It’s an outgrowth of the MEDDIC® methodology developed in the 1990s by Dick Dunkel, John McMahon, and Jack Napoli of the software company PTC. The MEDDPICC® version is optimized for B2B enterprise sales because it takes into consideration the paperwork around increasingly complex contractual requirements and the full breadth of competition including in-house solutions and other high-priority projects.


What Does MEDDPICC ® Stand For?

MEDDPICC® stands for:

  • Metrics – the data that measures the economic benefits of your solution
  • Economic buyer – the people making the buying decisions, including the ultimate authority
  • Decision process – the way decisions get made in an organization
  • Decision criteria – the factors that drive purchase decisions
  • Paper process – the steps and requirements for completing contracts and other paperwork
  • Identify/Implicate pain – the pain points that need to be resolved
  • Champion – the person or end user who can wield power, influence, and credibility in the purchase process
  • Competition – all vendors, projects, budget priorities, or inertia competing against your solution


How Does Emissary Support MEDDPICC ®?

Emissary’s human intelligence network includes over 12,000 executives who’ve recently held high-level positions at your target accounts. They have the first-hand experience to fill in the knowledge gaps in the MEDDPICC® process.


Emissary Advisors can help your team understand which KPIs are most important to your account, how they measure results, and how they typically tie technology performance to topline impact.

Economic Buyer

Advisors’ experience helps you identify the economic buyer, understand the organizational structure they operate in, and determine how the business allocates budget for different types of purchases. Plus, they help clarify the economic buyer’s style of doing business, their role in the sales process, and their priorities.

Decision Process

Emissary Advisors understand the decision process in your account very well. They can lay out the steps required and typical timeframes. You can find out who’s likely to be on the buying committee and share key information for working with them, such as their priorities, expectations, and preferences. Crucially, Advisors have insight into organizational politics so you understand the how it may influence the decision.

Decision Criteria

You can work with Advisors to determine the criteria the buying committee will use to select a vendor and which criteria carry the most weight. They also let you know if the organization has cultural preferences toward certain approaches or technologies for solving business problems.

Paper Process

Advisors’ inside knowledge can be critical in helping your team navigate the paperwork process successfully. They help you understand the role of procurement, when they typically get engaged in the purchase process, the steps involved, and how long it is expected to take.  They can let you know what kind of negotiation approach to expect. They also illuminate the vendor vetting process around legal, security, and compliance requirements.

Identify/Implicate Pain

When it comes to identifying pain points, Advisors can help confirm assumptions, explain which pain points have the most visibility to executives, and identify the executives with responsibility for addressing them. They can explain what projects are already funded and the issues they’re designed to alleviate. Strategy sessions with Advisors help uncover challenges which haven’t been identified yet so your team can bring impactful thought leadership to the engagement.


Advisors’ extensive contacts in the account can help you find good champion candidates who have influence with the buying committee. They can tell you how these folks like to engage, their decision-making styles, expectations, and the messaging strategies that will capture their attention.


Your team has a good sense of industry competitors you’re likely to encounter, but Advisors can confirm or reset your assumptions, so you have a good sense of other solution options the committee is considering. Advisors also help you determine what other initiatives might be lobbying for the same budget and whether there are organizational or cultural hurdles which may induce the account to put off the decision indefinitely.


Using Emissary’s Network Together with MEDDPICC®

With clear, accurate MEDDPICC® information about your most important accounts, the revenue team can execute sales motions that directly address buyer needs and expectations while building a compelling case for your solution. By asking Advisors direct questions from the MEDDPICC® process and having them review messaging, presentations, and analysis, your team can move sales forward with each interaction.

Using Emissary’s human intelligence network together with MEDDPICC® helps your revenue team:

  • Make your solution the easy choice with case studies, POCs, and ROI analyses around the most important metrics to buyers.
  • Make immediate impact with presentations in the economic buyers’ voice.
  • Fend off objections with customized messages that address all the decision criteria.
  • Fine tune your sales forecast with detailed knowledge of the decision process.
  • Avoid getting trapped in procurement by taking a proactive, informed approach to the paperwork involved.
  • Build credibility and provide value to buyers by solving obvious and hidden pain points.
  • Extend your reach in the organization by connecting with and nurturing one or more champions.
  • Sidestep hidden competition and internal inertia with education and proposals that make it easy for buyers to choose your solution.


Are You Ready to Make the Most of MEDDPICC®?

Whether your team has been using MEDDPICC® for a while or are considering whether it’s right for you, take a moment to find out who in the Emissary Advisor network can help you energize the methodology and uncover the essential intelligence for successful sales.

Contact your relationship manager or to learn more about using Emissary to fuel MEDDPICC®.

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