Today, Emissary is excited to present a new way that clients can view available advisors! As a result, Emissary clients can have more insight into an Emissary advisor’s background and areas of expertise. Our goal is to make the process of matching Emissaries with clients more efficient and effective so that you can spend time on what’s most important – fruitful conversations!

How To View Advisor Profiles

Below we have outlined the process of viewing potential advisors and their profiles:

Log in to Emissary Exchange

As always, log into your account at


View Advisors For Review

On the homepage, select the View Emissaries button in the Emissaries to Review section. Once there, (if there are advisors ready for your review), you will see a full list of recommended advisors for you to approve or reject.


View and Accept Advisor Profile

Click on an advisor’s name to view their profile. From this window, you will have the ability to approve, reject, or skip your advisor to review later.

You can also always view an advisor’s profile for a current engagement by clicking into the qualification details for that engagement page.


For questions or suggestions on how to improve advisor profiles, please contact