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In an ecosystem saturated with marketing technologies, access to someone who understands what resonates with your accounts (because they came from those accounts) is critical. Access thousands of options for that special someone who can show you how to rise above the fray. Disciplines and roles of MarTech Emissaries include:

Head of Global & Market Insights

VP Cross-Media Insights

Head of Marketing Intelligence

Senior Market Intelligence Director

VP Marketing Strategy & Intelligence

Senior Market Intelligence Director

Director of Digital Content Strategy

AVP Content Strategy

VP Digital Content & Distribution

Senior Director Digital Content

President of Brand Strategy

VP Content Marketing

VP Data Analytics & Reporting

CMO, Data & Analytics

Global Director, Big Data Analytics

Head of Big Data

Global Head of Marketing Reporting

VP Data Analytics

VP Sales & Marketing

Senior Director Demand Generation

Head of Online Demand Generation

VP Sales & Demand Generation

Director of Growth Marketing

SVP Demand Generation

VP Omnichannel Strategy

SVP Omnichannel & Innovation

SVP Ecommerce

Director of Digital Marketing

Ecommerce Director

CMO, Omnichannel

VP Global Marketing Automation

VP Strategy & Marketing Automation

Head of Marketing & Automation

SVP Automation

Marketing & Automation Director

Global Strategy Automation Director

Marketing Emissaries come from the largest brands in the world

Emissaries Speak

Costco’s Former SVP of e-Commerce 
<strong>Ginnie Roeglin</strong>

Costco’s Former SVP of e-Commerce Ginnie Roeglin

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Airbnb’s Former Global Head of Social Marketing and Editorial Content
<strong>Eric Toda</strong>

Airbnb’s Former Global Head of Social Marketing and Editorial Content Eric Toda

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Petco’s Former CMO
<strong>Jodi Watson</strong>

Petco’s Former CMO Jodi Watson

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Navigating top marketing departments with your own personal Emissary

My deal was stuck and my Emissary told me that my main contact was about to retire. He pointed me to a new guy who got the ball rolling, and now we are in a trial.


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