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Who has the inside scoop on the best way for you to navigate and pitch your most complex accounts? The senior executives and influencers who were there, helping to decide which solutions get purchased, and why. With more than 3,000 Emissaries across the following business units and roles, there’s someone to help you move your deal forward.

VP Infrastructure & Integration

Chief Technology Officer

Head of Infrastructure Architecture

MD, IT Infrastructure & Engineering

Senior VP IT

Head of Corporate Infrastructure

VP Content Management

IT Director of Content Systems

VP Digital Content Management

VP Content Operations & Architecture

CTO, Content Management

SVP Content Management Operations

SVP Customer Experience

MD Customer Experience

VP Digital Customer Experience

COO, Global Customer Experience

VP Enterprise Customer Analytics

Director of Customer Experience

VP Business intelligence

VP Data & Intelligence

Head of Data Analytics

SVP Business Intelligence

Data Services Director

CTO, Business Intelligence

SD Ecommerce Systems

VP Strategy & Ecommerce

VP Ecommerce & Fulfillment

SVP Ecommerce & Omnichannel

VP Application Development

CTO, Ecommerce Technology

ERP Development Director

ERP Global Program Director

Head of IT ERP Service Delivery

VP ERP Implementation

IT Director, ERP & CRM

VP Corporate Business Systems

Our IT Emissaries come from the world's most renowned brands

Emissaries Speak

Intel’s Former CTO

 <strong>Ed Goldman</strong>

Intel’s Former CTO 
 Ed Goldman

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GE’s Former CIO/VP of Application Transformation
<strong>Thomas Martin</strong>

GE’s Former CIO/VP of Application Transformation Thomas Martin

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P&G’s Former CTO
 <strong>Jim Fortner</strong>

P&G’s Former CTO Jim Fortner

Read it

Navigating top IT departments with your own personal Emissary

My Emissary, a former CIO, told me everything I needed to know about the acquisition process. He even gave me names of people to engage with who could help. It went a long way.


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