Emissary Exchange makes it easy to provide feedback on your interactions with advisors after the call is completed. Follow these steps to provide a review of your call with an advisor.

How to Navigate to the Feedback Survey

There are a few ways to navigate to a post-interaction feedback survey. The quickest way to access the form is via the post-interaction feedback email that you receive one hour after the advisor call has been completed (see example below). 

By selecting the REVIEW YOUR CALL link in this email, you will be directed to the new Feedback page within Emissary Exchange. On the feedback page, within the REQUIRED FEEDBACK tab, you can access all feedback surveys requested for completed calls with advisors.

You may access your previously completed post-interaction feedback surveys within the COMPLETE FEEDBACK tab.

To launch the new post-interaction feedback survey for a completed call with an advisor, select the GIVE FEEDBACK link, on the Feedback page.

The top navigation bar will allow you to navigate BACK or NEXT through the feedback survey until it is completed and will indicate where you are in the process. Once the feedback survey is completed, select SUBMIT.

For additional information on the Deliverable Archive, please contact Support@emissary.io.