How It Works

There are many ways Emissary advisors can help drive results. Sometimes an advisor can help uncover a new opportunity. Sometimes, they’re leveraged to write targeted marketing materials. Whatever your goal, the Emissary team will guide you through the process of matching and learning from an advisor. Here’s how it works.

What Can your
Emissary Advisor Help with?

Account Strategy

Work together to build a custom, targeted account strategy for your prospect account.

Account Based Marketing

Use Emissary insights to build 1:1 marketing campaigns that surprise and delight those hard-to-crack accounts.

Opportunity Acceleration

Get 1:1 assistance to prepare for an upcoming pitch, create messaging that works, and navigate complex procurement processes.

Upsells, Expansions and Renewals

Identify new areas of opportunities and build long-term strategies to expand your existing client relationships.

Strategic Thinking

Go further than just thinking about one account to understanding how your solution fits into the landscape at large and identify the future direction of your organization.

Getting Started

Join the Emissary Human Intelligence Network

Match with Emissary Advisors from Your Accounts

Share Knowledge

Drive Results

  • The Emissary gave me exactly the ammo I needed to break into this account.
    Account Executive, Consumer Insights Company
  • The Emissary mentioned that in the meantime, a competitor had been purchased so they were actually 50/50 between us and a competitor.
    Account Executive, Cloud Storage Company
  • “Thank you so much. Literally, that saved me six months of trying to pull together this account intelligence. I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Perfect timing.”
    Account Executive, Marketing Technology Company
  • I can't thank you enough. Every single minute of our dialogue has been helpful for us.
    Account Executive, Healthcare Technology Company
  • “It’s been a really exciting few weeks, and we’re in the middle of post-award now! It’s in large part thanks to this program and the guidance we received, so thank you.”
    Account Executive, Data Storage Company

The Engagement Process


Account Strategy

Advisor Matching & Selection

Engagement Begins



Collateral & Strategy Review

Strategy Sessions

Strategy Executions

Next Steps

Continue with your Emissary Advisor

Engage with a different account

Implement the Emissary program across your whole organization

Continue to track ROI and iterate on your strategies

Ready to Leverage the Emissary Human Intelligence Network?

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