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Financial Services Vertical Insights

Selling and Marketing Intelligence for the Financial Services Vertical

A Sampling of the Companies We Cover:

Financial services enterprises depend on technology to capture value from digital assets, attract fraud-wary consumers, and optimize operations. The key to winning deals in this industry is getting accurate intelligence so you can plan and execute effectively.

Examples of some of the companies that our Emissary Advisors cover in the financial services vertical:

  • AIG
  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Capital One
  • Fannie Mae
  • HSBC
  • JPMC
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • USAA
  • Wells Fargo

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Why Intelligence is Important to Selling and Marketing to the Financial Services Vertical 

Financial service companies are banking on revenue growth in 2022, partly due to newly forming digital asset markets. Most are in the middle of a technical transformation and need partners who can help them optimize solutions to handle industry changes, such as shortened settlement cycles, and improve efficiency, especially in the finance function. The industry continues to tackle fraud and data security challenges while working to attract consumers by giving them more control and access to their information.

A sales team targeting financial services accounts must understand the business from the inside, including the personal dynamics of the buying committee, the buying process, and cultural values. With that intelligence, you’ll identify the most urgent drivers behind their purchases and what they expect from the sales process.

You can spend years collecting this crucial information, or you can connect with someone who already has it, like an Emissary Advisor. Emissary Advisors have held key executive positions at your financial industry accounts. They’ve worked with the people you need to meet and understand why sales teams fail or succeed. With their experience on your side, you’ll know how to move the deal forward at each engagement.

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“What our Emissary told us in just three calls we never could have learned on our own. We better understand our buyer’s business model and what motivates them most. That’s huge.”

– Account Manager, Data Security Company

Insights into the Financial Services Vertical Modern Tech Buyer

Leverage Emissary for financial services vertical account and industry data, buyer-specific messaging, to drive marketing-influenced pipeline, and execute account-based marketing (ABM) strategy.