Emissary for Enterprise Sales

The Emissary network solves your key sales issues by connecting you with our community of over 12,000 highly talented former senior Fortune 500 executives that were on the inside of the accounts you’re selling into to help you shorten sales cycles and drive pipeline. 

Emissary advisors can help you gain a competitive advantage, create account strategies that convert, handle upsells and expansions more efficiently, and navigate procurement like a pro.

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    Enterprise Sales Solutions

    Competitive Advantage

    Compete with your better-resourced competitor and differentiate yourself in a noisy market with knowledge and strategies that no one else has access to.

    Account Strategy

    Fill in the missing pieces of your account strategy and get hyper-targeted in your approach by identifying the real stakeholders, understanding their pain points, and highlighting where your solution fits in.

    Upsells, Expansions, and Renewals

    Identify new areas of opportunities and build long-term strategies to expand your existing client relationships.

    Procurement Navigation

    Navigate the most complex procurement processes with an advisor who can get you from point A to point B quickly.