Interested in accessing account notes, transcripts, recordings and more? You can find and download all available deliverables for accounts that have been uploaded, including your specific accounts, by navigating to the Deliverable Archive page within Emissary Exchange.

Check out this post to learn more about this feature!

How to Navigate to the Deliverable Archive

Log into Emissary Exchange, expand the left side navigation menu, and select the DELIVERABLE ARCHIVE link.

All Deliverables vs My Deliverables

On the default tab, ALL DELIVERABLES, you will be able to access all available notes, recordings, and transcripts associated with engagements completed by your colleagues. If purchased, you will also have the ability to find Industry Insider Guides or Account Briefs within this view.

Select the MY DELIVERABLES tab to access notes, recordings, and transcripts specific to the engagements you have completed with advisors.

Downloading Deliverable Content

To quickly find and download the information you are interested in, complete the following steps:

1. Search by account name in the top right-hand corner.
2. Select the arrow to expand the account and view the available content.
3. Download the deliverables by selecting the DOWNLOAD ALL NOTES AND TRANSCRIPTS LINK or by selecting each individual piece of content.

Please note:

  • The Download all notes and transcripts link will only download the call notes and transcripts relevant to the account, excluding any recordings and reports associated with the account. Recordings and reports files can be quite large and we want to ensure our customers do not encounter performance issues. To download recordings or reports, expand the account, and select the document link.
  • If a document link is greyed out, this means the deliverable is either not yet available (as it can take up to 3 days after an engagement call for the system to populate certain deliverable content) or it is not a part of the Emissary client contract.

For additional information on the Deliverable Archive, please contact