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At Emissary, we’re proud to be redefining the way today’s industry leaders work. The advisors in our community use their knowledge and expertise to make new connections, generate income, shape the marketplace, and give back to the community.

What is an Emissary Advisor?

Our Advisors are global leaders from Fortune 500 companies – from former directors to the C-suite – who have extensive experience in building teams, businesses, and major initiatives and are looking forward to their next step. They may be building a company of their own, supplementing retirement or their current full-time gig, exploring a career shift, or they may be seeking ways to give back.

How does it work?

Emissary Advisors possess transformative insights that create immeasurable value for our clients, and our job is to connect them with the organizations that need those insights the most, making the process as seamless as possible. We take care of the logistics, from finding clients to managing billing, so that our Emissary Advisors can get straight to the fun part – forming new relationships and doing truly meaningful work.

While Advisors are compensated for their time, being a part of the Emissary community also allows you to keep up with the latest technologies and market shifts, build your business, and give back to the marketplace at large.

Hear from an Emissary Advisor

Noteworthy Emissary Advisors

Jim Fortner

Former CTO/CIO at Procter & Gamble

During his 28 years at Procter and Gamble, including stints as both CTO and CIO, Jim built an impressive career by talking: talking to IT and to business leaders, and encouraging conversations between them. Jim built the kind of cross-functional cohesion that large enterprises need to succeed in the digital age.

I really like helping companies and teams win. It’s been fun. Helping software companies, helping system integrators – you get to come in and out of different business situations and provide coaching based on your point of view.

Jim Fortner, former CTO/CIO at Procter & Gamble

Jodi Watson

Former SVP/CMO of Petco

With over 20 years of marketing leadership experience at successful startups to organizations like Eddie Bauer, Williams-Sonoma, and Petco, Jodi knows a thing or two about what it takes to sell to marketing executives. She’s been in the trenches as e-commerce has grown from a fledgling marketplace to the dominating force it is today.

My biggest motivation for working with Emissary is to help people. I love talking to different clients and hearing about their challenges and offerings. I have so much to offer, and I want to help them improve.

Jodi Watson, former SVP/CMO of Petco

Eric Toda

Former global head of social marketing and editorial content at Airbnb

After walking away from a promising law career, Eric has been ‘in the room where it happens’ at transformative companies like Facebook, Nike, Airbnb, and Gap, and he’s picked up a knack for telling compelling stories along the way. He’s also developed his sense of what leadership means, which includes listening, reaching out, and giving back.

I get exposure to organizations that are on the frontlines. These companies using Emissary will make much better decisions based on insight. Knowing that I’ve added value to these vendors leads me to believe that I have empowered them to be and do better.

Eric Toda, former global head of social marketing and editorial content at Airbnb

More From The Emissary Community

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The Emissary VIP Program

Our best Advisors work with us closely, joining us in our office, or meeting us at international industry-wide events. We call this select group our Emissary VIPs.

Our VIPs are our partners. We offer our VIPs the opportunity to grow their own personal brand through our platform, and they in turn speak with a diverse population of companies of all sizes who want to learn more about the Emissary platform.

The Emissary Giving Program

One of the most consistent traits we see in our Advisors is a desire to give back. To honor and expand upon of all the ways Emissaries give to their communities, we now offer the option for Advisors to donate their engagement fees to the charity of their choice.

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