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Power of human intelligence

Emissary is the world’s first sales intelligence network.

Working as a product leader at Google, David Hammer saw firsthand that there’s only so much that can be solved with data mining, analytics, and AI. As we create a world that’s increasingly reliant on data, the knowledge that’s not written down becomes ever more valuable. What really matters are all of the things we know, locked up in our heads — and they’re only accessible through the right relationship with the right person at the right moment. Our mission is to unlock the power of that knowledge by facilitating those relationships and use it to eliminate the uncertainty, unpredictability, and confusion that define every sales process.

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We’re a collection of PhD escapees and corporate refugees

We are comfortable with uncertainty. We are okay saying ‘I don’t know’, and we have confidence that we’ll get there.

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David Hammer CEO & Founder

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Eric Rosenthal Chief Revenue Officer

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Brad Frenier Head of Customer Success

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Kate Forester Head of Finance

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Mike Sands Head of Platform Growth

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Vijay Venkatesh Head of Engineering

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Bennett Morrison Head of Product

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Richard Sharp Head of Marketing

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It’s rare that a company is both wildly ambitious and actually has a plan to realize that ambition. That’s Emissary. We’re already seeing how transformative facilitating the right relationships--and the insights they reveal--can be. But we’ve only just begun. If you’re energized by the challenge and motivated by the focus of our plan, talk to us.

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