Personalized ABM campaigns can be effective, but they can also be extremely time-consuming. Yes, tailored, one-to-one messaging strategies will likely help you connect better with buyers—but is it worth all that valuable time you’d lose researching account based marketing tools and learning how to extract (and analyze) data? By partnering with your Emissaries, you never have to make that compromise.

That’s because you’ll gain access to the critical intelligence you need straight from someone who’s actually very recently been a decision-maker at your prospects’ organizations. They can guide you through the people, content, channels and messaging that will connect with your target account based on first-hand knowledge. That means less time wasted digging through databases, flipping through lengthy research reports, and evaluating ABM platforms. It also means you can more time on executing your plan effectively, with a greater likelihood of success.

Here’s a closer look at how to work with your Emissaries to formulate a winning ABM strategy. and is one of the the best account based marketing tools in your toolbox.

Use Inside Insights to
Target the Right People

Personalization is the name of the game when it comes to ABM, so identifying the key end users and decision-makers at your prospect’s organization is an important first step in developing a successful one-to-one marketing campaign. You need to know who to target, and more importantly, what to target them with, and your Emissary can walk you through the who’s who of the organization and get you started quickly.

You wouldn’t send your buyer a box of brownies if they hate chocolate, so listen carefully to the insights your Emissary divulges, and tailor your outreach accordingly. 

An Emissary can key you into business-oriented insights, like who prefers pricing over innovation, who wants their buyer to be an involved partner and who just cares about cold, hard ROI? Even more personal preferences, like who appreciates a good steak and barrel-aged bourbon or which sites the account’s key decision-makers frequent the most for industry news. Building a deeper understanding of your audience means you can target them with tactics and content that is precisely targeted and incredibly relevant to their roles.

No morsel of insight is too small, and if you assemble all the pieces correctly, you’ll have a much more compelling case on your hands when it comes time to engage your accounts.

Use First-Hand Knowledge to Personalize Your Messaging

Your Emissary advisor has the potential to help you even beyond identifying the right decision-makers to pursue, and they can use their insider’s knowledge to provide expert guidance when it comes time to craft personalized messaging.

Your Emissaries can clue you into your buyers’ major concerns and interests, the strategic initiatives they are incentivized to align with, and the biases they have in the vendor selection process, all which can then be spun into tailored content and sent through relevant social channels to grab a prospect’s attention.

In-person messaging, too, can benefit from the assistance of your Emissaries. By using the insight you’ve gleaned about your prospects’ main business needs, your Emissaries can help you by reviewing and helping you hone your pitches—and clue you in to the right time to deliver them—so they speak to the individual concerns of whomever you happen to be speaking to in the room on any given day.

Case Study: Fueling a Software Industry Giant’s ABM Program

One global software industry leader’s experience with Emissary illustrates these ABM-related benefits clearly.

The Fortune 50 client needed help injecting life into their 10 most dormant and under-penetrated accounts, and they turned to Emissary for guidance. Looking to reduce costs, minimize research time, and generate opportunities faster, they got to work with a series of advisors aligned to each of those critical accounts, and started identifying the major players at each organization, then reviewing the messaging and personalized content they would send to each of those accounts.

By partnering with an insider, the top-tier software industry client was able to discover hidden influencers, champions, and gatekeepers within their accounts. In one case, they were able to identify an outdated bidding process that they were able to improve on, then leverage to create several new opportunities.

In the end, by partnering with Emissary in developing their 1:1 account strategies the client was able to reduce their account research time by 67 percent, which freed them to spend more time in the field selling. With the added assurance from their Emissary about the right decision-makers to target, they were able to do so with added peace of mind, knowing that their time was being used wisely.

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Executive Insights

One of the best uses for an Emissary’s insight is leveraging it to formulate a winning ABM strategy and put winning account based marketing tools in place. By partnering with former insiders at your prospects’ organizations, you’ll get all the information you need for stronger, more effective one-to-one campaigns with none of the wasted time digging through data or vetting software. Your Emissaries can tell you who to target and what to target them with and leave you with more time on your hands to put it all into action.